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    "Cea mai frumoasă echipă a mea a fost echipa națională."

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  1. halandala


    Superb! Felicitari!
  2. halandala

    FC Romania catre Premier League

    Felicitari, @geo007ro pentru promovarile reusite si sa duci FC Romania in fruntea UK. P.S. Am avut niste emotii, am crezut ca Dragne e de fapt Dragnea...zic, ma, da-o naibii de treaba, nici aici nu scapam de mustacios!
  3. As some of you may already have noticed, we've just released hotfix 18.2.2 for Football Manager 2018. This hotfix is save game compatible and we recommend if FM is open, saving your game then exiting screen to prompt the update. Otherwise it should just update the next time you launch Steam. Changelist includes the fixes shown below. As always if you encounter any issues please do take the time to raise them on our Bugs Forum. FOOTBALL MANAGER 2018 | HOTFIX 18.2.2 CHANGE LIST ================================================= STABILITY Fixed crash during team talk Fixed crash when managing two teams on the same day with same manager Fixed crash during processing Fixed crash when setting multiple short-term scouting assignments Fixed crash with edited data MATCH Fixed tactics screen showing player duplicated in lineup and on bench after substitution Fixed ad hoardings displaying in black Improvements to performance of 3D match on some NVIDIA GPUs
  4. halandala

    FM2018 Achievements

    Nu se poate face un formular de donație? Mă gândesc că 1 2 euro de la fiecare... Nu e o suma mare și nu se bagă mâna în buzunar... Merita încercat, părerea mea. Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk
  5. halandala

    Personal Achievements

    Salutare. Sparg eu gheata:D https://imgur.com/a/cC5l5 Multumesc.
  6. halandala

    FM2018 Achievements

    Apreciez munca facuta, si sper ca lumea o sa dea buluc pentru asta, pana la urma e un efort, cred ca destul de mare;) Btw, intreb (nu e cu rautate) - nu se poate corela contul de aici cu Steam si sa le preia automat? ca sa nu faci tu sau alt mod chestia asta manual?
  7. One more update for Football Manager 2018 and Football Manager Touch 2018 before the end of 2017, this one mainly to address a couple of stability issues which have been raised to us via the community. As always it's save game compatible and we recommend if FM is open, saving your game then exiting screen to prompt the update. Otherwise it should just update the next time you launch Steam. Feel free to leave any further feedback via our official feedback thread and if you do have any issues raise them over on our Bugs Forum. So one last opportunity from me to say on behalf of everyone at SI, happy holidays, merry Christmas and a happy new year to all! Changelist includes but is not limited to those listed below: FOOTBALL MANAGER 2018 | HOTFIX 18.2.1 CHANGE LIST ================================================= STABILITY --------- - Fixed crash that could occur when multiple human managers had match at same time - Fixed rare crash when viewing inbox - Fixed rare crash when loading save - Fixed rare crash during processing MATCH --------- - Fixed rare instance of commentary referencing wrong team for an own goal - Fixed rare instance of penalty being taken by wrong team if a red card was awarded at the same time - Fixed match widgets not fixing in place FOOTBALL MANAGER TOUCH 2018 | HOTFIX 18.2.1 CHANGE LIST ================================================= STABILITY --------- - Fixed crash when selecting Tactics in match - Fixed crash when navigating 'Back' from scouting - Fixed recovery saves not loading MATCH --------- - Fixed rare instance of commentary referencing wrong team for an own goal - Fixed rare instance of penalty being taken by wrong team if a red card was awarded at the same time - Fixed match widgets not fixing in place
  8. A Football Manager 2018 update (v18.2.0) is now available to download. To get the update simply quit and restart Steam and your game should update to version 18.2.0. This update is fully save game compatible. Updates include but are not limited to the following: STABILITY - Fixed crash during match - Fixed crash during processing - Fixed crash entering match with large number of hotseat managers in save - Fixed crash during Fantasy Draft setup - Fixed crash on exiting game - Fixed crashes when using edited data PERFORMANCE - Optimised processing speed during scouting assignments - Optimised match performance when running high number of leagues - Optimised performance and stability of match controller MATCH - Improved highlight selection for red cards and penalties - Improved player ratings balance in background leagues - Fixed 3D cut scenes appearing when playing in 2D or commentary only - Fixed instances of crowd kits being carried over between matches - Fixed issue where user could not take off an injured player and go down to 10 men when they have used all 3 subs - Fixed user being unable to make Half-Time Team Talk - Improved the functionality for the user to use their 4th sub in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup in extra time - Improved substitution decisions by AI Managers - Improved balance of crosses going too close to the goalkeeper - Improved free kicks - Fixed player clearing ball at kick off - Improved on ball decisions - Fixed issues with keeper saving ball at near post - Fixed player slide tackling nobody - Fixed keeper standing in the wrong place after taking a penalty in the ABBA format penalty shootout - Improved keeper position when backpass option needed by ball player - Fixed bug where keeper may go for unattainable ball that his team mate is already favourite for - Fixed bug where keeper may try to pick up ball while in his own goalmouth causing it to be carried over line - Fixed some instances of players trying to control or tackle ball that is far from their feet - Fixed penalty taker change not being applied - Fixed instances of the assist player being wrongly set - Fixed instances of players being considered to have an injury when they didn't - Improved marking of ball player - Fixed keeper coming for ball and not using feet when easier than a save - Fixed keeper making unrealistic and impossible effort to save again when he himself just made a save - Various animation fixes GAMEPLAY - Added ability to undertake multiple actions on scout reports - Balanced time taken to gain knowledge of players during scouting assignments - Balanced progression of scouting assignments via scouting queue - Balanced amount players will complain about first team football - Fixed instances of clubs not having league expectations set - Fixed rare issue where users would be sacked for failing an unachievable promise made via a board request - Fixed rare issue where a player would not enter contract talks despite being happy to do so according to their agent - Fixed deadline day not appearing for winter window in Greece - Fixed missing transfer window closing news items in March for Vanarama leagues - Fixed manager being asked who will win the title when it has already been decided - Fixed journalist not recognising that a match went to penalties - Fixed record transfer narrative incorrectly triggering when record breaks from empty/missing data - Fixed national squad selection changing randomly after submission - Various award fixes and improvements - Fixed Turkish clubs paying excessive rent - Fixed problems with forced stadium expansions reducing capacity USER INTERFACE - Combined List and Pitch view on in-match tactics in resolutions of 1600 and wider - Added Opposition Instructions to in-match quick tactics bar - Added attributes pop-up to player names on between highlights panel - Match widget headers now clickable links to provide quicker access to full panels - Added player stats to post-match review screen in wide enough resolutions - Added tickboxes for ‘Add to Shortlist’ and ‘Add as Transfer Target’ to Scouting Centre so user can do these alongside other actions - Fixed view being forgotten on player search screen upon exiting the game - Fixed column size increasing on a custom view when you expand/reduce the tactics pitch - Fixed custom view column sizes changing when continuing - Fixed rare issue where match widgets would disappear but remain selected - Fixed issue where tactics analysis would stop recognising a player with personalised instructions - Fixed issue where text would overlap on happiness section of Player Information panel - Fixed being unable to change formation via quick tactics bar in match - Fixed match widgets not becoming transparent when the action is occurring behind them - Fixed issue where player suitability circles would remain black if changes made when tactics pitch was hidden - Fixed missing stats for youth and reserve competitions COMPETITIONS & RULEGROUPS – Fixed Spanish first team squad registrations making some players unnecessarily ineligible for the B team – Fixed Spanish B team players being marked as unavailable despite being eligible to play – Fixed default nation advanced rules errors for Austria & Portugal – Fixed Slovenian Second League team would not get promoted if they won the promotion playoff - Fixed scenario that would cause the U20 leagues in Italy to stop being scheduled - Improved AI club registration in Brazil (new games only) - Amended registration rules for some Brexit scenarios
  9. Just a quick notice to say we've released version 18.1.2 to address some issues raised here on our community forums. As with all updates, we suggest closing down Football Manager and restarting Steam to enable the update to start downloading. Just to confirm as always, this update is save game compatible. Changes include but are not limited to the following: FOOTBALL MANAGER 2018 -- UPDATE 18.1.2 STABILITY & PERFORMANCE - Fixed crash/freeze during processing - Fixed rare crash when joining online game - Fixed rare crash when offering player contract - Fixed Windows 32-bit crash on launch - Improved graphics benchmarking for Windows 32-bit systems - Fixed slowdown encountered when running custom data - Fixed slowdown whilst editing attributes with IGE MATCH - Fixed match freeze after tactical changes - Fixed 'Teams Are Warming Up' dialog showing at incorrect time - Fixed replay displaying at incorrect time - Fixed missing flashing goal text in Commentary Only - Fixed score inconsistency upon completion of network game match - Fixed representation of player height in match - Fixed invisible players on Mac OS X 10.9 NVIDIA systems - Fixed instances of player names not appearing correctly within the match GAMEPLAY - Balanced scouting costs within scouting range - Fixed missing league expectations in Belgium
  10. halandala

    Buguri FM18

    M-am plâns, mă tot plâng... Ceva ceva o ieși ori renunț de tot la joc, ori se rezolvă
  11. halandala

    Buguri FM18

    Eu am in continuare aceeasi problema cu freeze/ stagging si din ce vad pe forum sunt cativa care se tot plang de aceeasi chestie:) Chiar sunt curios daca si cand voi putea juca si eu jocul:))
  12. halandala

    Activator L4-L7 pentru FM 2018

    Multumim, il muce!
  13. halandala

    Buguri FM18

    Eu tot raman la parerea ca e ceva in neregula cu optimizarea jocului cu anumite placi video:) Daca urmaresti topicurile din categoria "Crashes and tehnical issues PC" o sa vezi marea majoritate cu intel i5/i7 si GTX .... whatever. Eu am vazut vreo 4 (in conditiile in care nu am citit toate thread-urile) cu aceeasi placa, GTX 850M, ce aveau FIX acelasi comportament al jocului ca la mine: joci ce joci si poc Not Responding - jocul nu da eroare, nu da crash, pur si simplu s-a blocat si poti sa-i bagi carbuni, benzina si kerosen...degeaba! Si da, sunt in totalitate de acord cu tine, e bug aparut recent (pe langa faptul ca nu cred ca isi dadeau cu tesla in .... singuri sa il tina cumva "agatat" in situatia asta) - din comentariile adminilor si din verificarile solicitate de ei mi-au lasat impresia ca nu erau in "tema" si le-au luat ceva pana au dat raspunsul "Da, se intampla ceva, incercam sa vedem ce si cum rezolvam". Dar, sper ca reusesc cumva sa indrepte asta pana pe 10.
  14. halandala

    Buguri FM18

    Ha ha ha, tare asta, dar ca să fiu sincer acolo, DA, aveau tot dreptul să dea cu bățul în baltă, era un grup restrâns de researcheri ce testau și semnalau orice și puteau apărea chestii de genul "crush", să nu pornească etc etc. Dar în momentul când lansezi pentru cumpărători,pentru o mare parte a jucătorilor fideli, jocul ar trebui să fie, în primul rând, jucabil, optimizat, corect ca și produs (să pornească, să poți să îl joci 5 ore fără să îți sacadează, ori să primești crush). Că sunt scăpări de nume la jucători, la stadioane, de contracte, de bug-uri gen calendarul ori că nu prea se vedea mingea, că se dau 6 7 8 minute prelungire.. Astea pot fi înțelese într-un joc complet optimizat și fluid. Bine, Acum depinde și câți sunt în cazul meu, dacă sunt 1% din toți cei care au acces beta, atunci să îmi fie cu iertare, plâng degeaba. Oricum, problema știi unde se pune? Că am scris pe forum după 18.0.3 că e aceeași situație, iar Neil parcă, a zis că încă se caută rezolvarea. Mai sunt 4 zile, iar dacă jocul full prezintă această mare breșă... O să fie eșec complet.
  15. halandala

    Buguri FM18

    Îți dau perfectă dreptate, dar la modul în care mi s-a prezentat mie jocul, consider că e mai mult acces Alpha, nu beta. De ce zic asta? Pentru că nu ai cum să descoperi bug-uri în 3 luni de joc. Am avut 3 cariere la Liverpool, toate 3 cu not responding până în prima pauza competițională pricinuită de meciurile naționalei. Am început carieră nouă cu patch 18.0.3 și am primit not responding (la prima interacțiune cu patch-ul). Am creat a doua carieră, în aceeași formulă, 18.0.3 dar zic să schimb echipa, iau Valencia că poate o avea ceva Liverpool, primul meci, minutul 87 not responding. Iar faptul că s-au lansat 3 patch-uri și chestia asta nu e rezolvată, ba din contră, din ultimul văd că mulți se plâng pe forum... Îmi dă de gândit. Sunt de acord că e un cadou oferit de producători pentru fidelii cumpărători, dar totuși... Parcă mai bine oferi un cadou complet decât așa. La fel cum consider că pot fi descoperite bug-uri după ianuarie 2018 sau ianuarie 2019, când jocul poate să o ia razna. Îmi pare rău eu nu am ajuns să schimb anul ) PS. Am încercat jocul pe HDD, dar și SSD, același comportament. Cu și fără graphics. PS2. Am scris pe forum SI și am ajutat de fiecare dată cu mi+a recomandat adminul. Deci ce scriu aici nu e să mă plâng fără să fac nimic, Ci doar îmi împărtășesc, fără jigniri, ba chiar cu motive întemeiate interacțiunea cu jocul. Dar da, la anul o să îl achiziționez la precomanda dacă va fi un preț avantajos chiar dacă interacțiunea de anul acesta a fost complet neplăcută. PS3. Nu regret că l-am cumpărat, chiar vazusem un topic pe si că vrea unul refund. Înțeleg conceptul de beta, dar tot rămân la părerea fermă că ce joc eu nu e beta, iar dacă de știa de acest imens bug e o greșeală imensă lansarea pe piață. De ce? Pentru că îți poți pierde din noii jucători. (prin noii jucători înțeleg unul care acum își ia prima dată jocul și pățește ce am pățit eu. Să fim serioși gustul e amar indiferent că e beta). PS4. Am înțeles că nu la toți se manifestă chestia asta, deci pot fi utilizatori care nu au primit freeze, iar eu am sute... Și acei utilizatori să zică "uite-l și pe ăsta ce prost e și cât se plânge", dar când cumperi ceva, în cazul ăsta un joc, te aștepți să fie jucabil. Dar la mine nu e jucabil, îmi pare rău.

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