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  3. Our continued drive to mirror developments in the real footballing world make Football Manager 2024 the most complete edition in the series yet. Two areas where we’ve worked extensively that powerfully reflect this are recruitment and finance. On the recruitment front, we’ve significantly improved the decision-making and team selection capabilities of AI managers. You’ll also see that your game world better reflects the current trends of the real-life transfer market. It’s not just recruitment that’s been made smarter, though. We’ve also put vast work into upgrading the in-game Finance system to ensure that there’s greater dynamism and volatility in every career. Brace for more transfer battles The global transfer market is continuously evolving, and the most recent transfer window was unprecedented in several ways. As a result of these recent global developments, we have made some wider coding changes for FM24 to try and reflect those trends in every career. Firstly, to ensure that the way your rivals buy and sell players resonates with a clear identity, we’ve done a lot of work under the hood to improve their transfer market decision-making. Smarter opposition recruitment is the order of the day for FM24, with AI managers now programmed to consider factors like form and reputation more so than ever before. AI Managers are now better geared up to recognise imbalances in their squad make-up and will take their tactical style into consideration much more when shortlisting players. In essence, this means that they’ll look to fill Attribute gaps in their squad. So, a manager using a Gegenpress approach will look specifically for midfielders with high Stamina and Work Rate Attributes if they determine that their squad is missing such a player. Their approach will now place a stronger focus on a player’s Potential Ability rather than their Current Ability when players are looking for backup/rotation options to an established first-team starter. That improved logic also applies to outgoing transfers, with AI clubs now making much more considered and contextual decisions concerning loans for young players. If it was felt that a player was lacking in terms of physicality, the club would try to facilitate a move to a more physical team to improve the aspect of the player’s development. Ultimately, this suite of changes means that your opponents will make more informed, reactive squad-building decisions. It means that you will face more competition in the transfer market and that when your rivals make mistakes, they’ll feel more authentic and realistic. Variations to player development To complement the changing recruitment decisions of your opposition managers, there are some upgrades to the way your rivals pick their Matchday squads. Previously, AI teams were less likely to pick youth prospects in the first team because they had low Current Ability scores. Now, those talents have a higher probability of being on the bench and will see more playing time when teams are ahead or controlling games in the latter stages. We have also worked on how the AI prioritise matches throughout the season, which should see improved rotation to help aid player development. Elsewhere, we’ve also made a few tweaks to player development. Some will see an accelerated improvement in their teenage years before hitting their potential ceiling earlier on. Meanwhile, a new system has been introduced to recognise ‘Late Developers’, or those players who don’t breakthrough until slightly later than would be considered typical. The other aspect of transfers we’ve made amends to is in-game transfer histories. Here, we’ve upgraded the user interface and given you the ability to filter league transfer histories by ins and outs. Balancing the books Connected to these transfer market changes, we’ve also made several upgrades to the Finances system for Football Manager 2024 to better reflect the way it works in modern football. Across the game we’ve added a number of news items and improved some existing ones to provide you with greater clarity on your income and expenditure throughout the season. You’ll also notice that key financial information is surfaced more clearly when you need it. In certain instances where you’ve overspent your available funds, you’ll notice that we’ve incorporated negative transfer budgets. If you go into the red, you’ll receive an inbox item that informs you that you need to either sell players or transfer clauses in order to generate fresh income. Examples and candidates for both are included in the inbox item, as is a clear indication of how much money you need to recoup before you’ve got a positive budget again. If you’re unable to generate enough money within the agreed time period, your board will take control of your budget and begin to sell your players. The control will then be relinquished back to you when either the cash has been raised or the transfer window has closed. Should you take over at a club that’s got a negative transfer budget, you’ll face a more challenging start in the dugout. Navigating further Financial Fair Play integration There are also a number of upgrades to the Financial Fair Play (FFP) system for FM24, as well as other nation-specific financial rules. Should a club breach FFP rules in-game, there are now new sanctions in place, including squad size and transfer spending restrictions, as well as fines and competition income being withheld. If your club is close to breaching the rules, there’ll be a note in the Finances menu to explain that your wage budget is locked. You’ll now notice that when a club is placed into administration, you’ll receive a new news item that shows their net debt, profit and loss graphs, overall expenditure and overall income. Should your club go into administration, you’ll be notified that transfer funds have been withdrawn and that the administrators will listen to and consider any reasonable transfer offers that are made for your players. If you’re unable to meet player wages, the players’ association will step in, and you’ll be under a transfer embargo until that money has been repaid. A club can also now enter into a Company Voluntary Agreement, a government bond that allows an insolvent company to pay off their creditors over a fixed period while they continue to operate. New and dynamic income streams It’s not just expenditure where we’ve made changes. Now, there’s greater fluctuation in the income your club receives, thereby creating more dynamism and intrigue in every career. Indeed, you’ll now see that we’ve included fixed-length TV deals. The news items indicating these show changes in a deal’s value and what percentage effect that has on the competition prize money for the seasons the new agreement covers. Elsewhere, there are new news items providing contextual information on parachute payments and details on how your ticket prices and sponsorships have changed based on whether you’ve been promoted or relegated. There’s also a new Season Tickets League Table located in the Competition Overview dropdown, which shows the clubs in order of the tickets sold and the revenue recouped. This greater information is all designed to improve the clarity of how finances work in-game. Less money will now be described as ‘general’ or ‘other’ in the Finances menu and committed spend calculations for future transfers have been improved. Additionally, loan income and expenditure are now listed as separate from permanent deal income and expenditure. For clubs in the lower divisions, they will now turn Professional at the point of promotion rather than at the end of the season. Conversely, there will also be more discernible sporting and financial setbacks from not switching back from Professional to Semi-Professional following relegation in the lower divisions. Our most intelligent market yet The upgrades to AI Squad Building and the Finances system dramatically level up the immersion in FM24, adding greater variety, dynamism, and competition to every career.
  4. Whether it’s your team scoring for the tenth game in a row, your robust defence keeping another clean sheet or your top prospect realising their potential, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a plan come together in Football Manager. There can, sometimes, be bumps on the path to glory. Slumps in form, standards dropping in training and player unhappiness can derail your plans and force a rethink in your approach. So, in Football Manager 2024, you can now inspire your players to strive for more by setting Targets to elevate their performance levels. Alongside this, we’ve also made changes to the way you interact with your players and staff to ensure your conversations are realistic and constructive. Let’s dive into the detail… Keep your Players Hungry with Targets Incentivise your squad, and help players away on loan achieve the best playing time pathway, with individual performance targets to get the most out of your players. The areas that can be focused on are: Training Improvements (New position, role, traits and average ratings) Goals Assists Clean Sheets Match performances (first team or reserve team) The opportunity to set a target will be available when you praise or criticise a player for their recent performances, when you make a comment to a player leaving on loan, in contract negotiations for new signings and player renewals, or as a way of resolving a player’s unhappiness. Bear in mind that both the player and their agent may want to negotiate it. When setting a target, the player's personality, their relationship with you and the context of the situation are also important factors to consider. For example, in those all-important contract discussions, offering a playing time pathway can significantly boost a player’s interest in joining your club, but it can be difficult to justify whether your potential signing should be promised a regular spot in a few years. So in FM24, linking closely to a playing time pathway promise, you’ll be able to offer a target in the contract negotiation screen. For instance, if a promising striker has asked to be a Regular Starter as part of their playing time in the 2025/26 season, you can now respond with a target for the 2024/25 season, which could be goals in league matches. If they were to hit that goalscoring target, you’d be expected to honour the agreement by making them a Regular Starter in the following season. When targets have been set, you can track how your players are progressing using the new Targets tab on the Home screen, where you will also be able to monitor the players’ opinions on their progress. For loan players, any playing time, plans or targets will be highlighted in purple to make it clear that these only relate to their loan move, and are not specific to your club. For players that you sign on loan, they may arrive with targets that their own parent club has set, so keeping to the conditions of the loan will help that player meet their own targets. Your staff can offer advice, through Staff Meetings or inbox items, about where they feel it’s suitable for you to offer targets to a player. If a player successfully meets their target – such as scoring more goals, providing more assists or achieving a strong training rating - you’ll be able to congratulate them, but also may have some promises to follow through on, such as offering them a new contract. So, make sure you follow through with those to keep your players happy. On the flip-side, if a player fails to hit their target you’ll be notified by your Player Liaison Officer, who will explain their reaction to the target failure, and who they think is to blame - it’s then up to you to decide how to handle the situation. If multiple players fail, you’ll be given the option to discuss any outstanding contentious issues directly with these players. This can arise because of any issues the player has with you, which can include game time, or any problems a loanee has with their manager. In fail scenarios, a player can respond in different ways. If they came close to completing their target, the player might come back to you and back themselves. The player can also reference other metrics that highlight positive performance levels. For example, while they might not have met the goalscoring target you set, they may have recorded several assists during the period. If injury causes the failure of the target, either at an early stage or at the end, the player will accept that the target couldn’t be met at this time. So, if you feel your star striker needs a bit more motivation in front of goal, or you want to see your youth prospect make big strides out on loan, Targets give you the opportunity to challenge your players as you look to maximise their ability. Better Conversations with Interaction Logic Changes The newly added player targets are part of a wider group of changes to try and make Football Manager 2024 even more immersive than previous versions of the game – and that required some big changes under the hood to how the logic of interactions works. It’s not just new interactions added with targets for players, or agent interaction, we’ve also looked at hundreds of other areas of the game where you are having conversations with your players or their agents to try and make them even more believable. We often speak about how important the suspension of disbelief is to the experience you have when playing Football Manager, and there were times in-game where your players may have had an extreme reaction simply because they didn’t have options not to. One of the big changes we have made to interactions in FM24 are the improvements to the string severity system, which allows each positive or negative AI response to have three different variants of severity - with over 2,000 new AI responses. So, you’ll now witness fewer instances of overly severe and unrealistic responses from players. For example, if your star striker has just single-handedly led your team to victory and you’re keen to shower them with praise, they’re less likely to react to extremes. Now, positive, netural and negative reactions of differing levels more accurately reflect their opinion. Increased context for reactions will also be provided where suitable, helping to provide additional reasoning and opportunities to convince them to change their opinion if you’re not quite on the same page about a conversation topic. Issues have also been resolved to address instances of unrealistic player unhappiness, and providing clearer reasoning behind their concerns. So, if a player is considering exploring options at the end of their contract, their desires should be made more obvious – be it the lure of continental football, or waiting for the club to be promoted. Elsewhere, requirements for promises are clearer, making it easier for you to see how your players feel about the current progress – such as the promise to strengthen your defence, for example. If you complete a promise earlier, that player will become satisfied – rather than having to wait until the end of the promise date for their happiness to change. As a result of this extensive work, your interactions in FM24 will result in a wider range of more realistic reactions, both from a verbal and body language perspective, ensuring you have truly constructive conversations with the players and staff at your clubs. Get the Key Information you Need in Staff Meetings We’ve also improved Staff Meetings in FM24 with them now being more customisable and surfacing the most relevant information you care about. When the meeting agenda arrives, you can now skip individual topics if they’re not of interest or relevant to your focus. For instance, if you really want to speak to your staff about Coaching but would rather leave Recruitment to another week, a new option gives you the opportunity to directly shape the conversation. When clicking on ‘Meeting Preferences’, you can now customise the delivery of each staff topic. You'll have the option to include subtopics in Meetings, get summaries to your inbox or skip certain topics going forward – whatever’s important for you. In your Meetings, when suggested hires for your backroom staff appear, their club and rating have been removed to show more relevant information. Now, you’ll see their key Attributes for the suggested job role, along with some context as to why they have been recommended. A new pop-up also allows you to look at your existing staff members in that role at your club. Get More from your Players and Staff Targets, interaction changes and Staff Meeting enhancements bring you closer to the key people at your club. Realistic conversations help you set important goals for your players and communicate vital information with your Staff.
  5. Whether you’re signing world-class Wonderkids, looking to offload players that no longer make the grade or anything in-between, squad building is integral to every Football Manager career. We’ve heard your feedback in recent years that selling players can prove a frustrating experience – as it often is for many clubs and players during every transfer window. With that in mind, our team considered what extra tools could we have in FM24 for players and AI managers to help with this aspect of the game. As with so many areas of Football Manager, we leaned on our industry access to better understand how clubs look to solve the problem of offloading players in the professional game and then applied that insight to our game world. Using Agents for better transfer market insight In an attempt to give you better clarity of how much you could get for your players when trying to sell them, we’ve added a new ‘Ask Agent About Market Interest’ option to the Transfer dropdown on player profiles. Selecting this takes you through to a quick chat with the player’s agent. As manager, you have three response options that each carry a different tone. ‘Desperate’ demonstrates a real urgency to moving the player on, while ‘Keen’ indicates that you'd be looking to sell and are interested as to what the market considers current value. ‘Curious’ is there if you’re willing to sell but only at the right price. Picking one of the options will trigger your interest in selling the player. If they’re happy to move, the agent will let you know the player’s current market value and the clubs most interested in their services. However, if your intention to sell catches the player by surprise and they don’t want to leave, the agent will refuse to engage in attempts to sell them and you may need to go over their head. Be careful though because as with everything in Football Manager, your actions have consequences. After your initial response, you will have the choice of asking the agent to proceed and begin sourcing a move, or you can reconsider your options if you’re not happy with the potential price or the clubs with rumoured interest. If your player is happy to leave but there are no takers, the agent will explain why. Following your conversation with the agent, the price tag on the player’s profile will update to reflect the market value discussed. This new value initially displays in a different colour, and will remain active on the player’s profile until it expires. This period of time varies based on where you are in the season – in/out of the transfer window, during transfer deadline day and so on. It’s important to note that while this new functionality will give you better clarity on potential fees for the players you want to sell, it doesn’t guarantee a sale every time. We’ve also made some upgrades to the ‘Ask Agent About Availability’ quick chat first introduced in FM22 to help with trying to buy a player. Now, minimum fee release clauses and expected contract lengths are included in a player’s bullet point list of demands. You can also contest some of these items, either working with the agent to seek a more favourable release clause or asking for all demands to remain up for discussion until you enter formal negotiations. Evolve your squad with new Intermediaries If you want to sell one of your players but their agent isn’t cooperating or the offers don’t meet your expectations, you can now hire an Intermediary to help facilitate a sale. Intermediaries are brokers recruited by your Director of Football (or relevant staff member) that can help generate new interest in a player and assist with securing a move for a percentage of the final transfer fee. The interest they are able to source is determined by a few factors, including their reach and ability as an agent. Their scope is a measure of the geographical location they operate in - for example, an Intermediary with Continental European reach would bring in interest from appropriate clubs in the region. Their ability will help determine how much interest and what sale value they can find for your player. The commission is capped at a maximum of 10% of the overall transfer fee, just as it is in the professional game. This cost is shown throughout the process, right from the initial inbox item indicating that a bid has been received right through to the transfer completion news item. Assessing your Intermediary options is key. While the commission they charge is based on their reach and ability, someone better known but lesser skilled may well end up charging more than a higher skilled but less well-connected person. Another factor is the length of time they expect to spend gathering offers. Higher ability Intermediaries will find offers more quickly but understandably their cost is higher. During the busiest transfer periods of the season, such as deadline day, this time is reduced and that could mean that some lower ability Intermediaries may be entirely unable to complete their work. To use an Intermediary, head to the Transfer dropdown on your player’s profile and click the ‘Hire an Intermediary to sell player’ button. If the player’s agent didn’t want to help you sell the player earlier in the process due to their player not wanting to leave, going over their head to an Intermediary can risk the player becoming unhappy and disrupting the dressing room. Conversely though, it can also bring you sale options that the player’s own agent wouldn’t have even considered as being possible, as the Intermediary may have better connections. If you choose to hire an Intermediary and they’re able to find interest in one of your players, you’ll receive a quick chat pop-up from a relevant staff member displaying which Intermediaries are offering their services, a preview of what they expect to provide and for how much. At this stage, the Intermediary will give you enough information to make an informed decision without revealing too much. Once you have reviewed what each Intermediary is offering, you can choose which suits you best and ask them to return with specific offers. Once the associated period of time has elapsed, your selected Intermediary will return with the promised bids that you are free to accept, negotiate or reject as you see fit. If none of the clubs the Intermediaries identify as interested bid for your player, their reasoning will be explained. The Intermediary will also let you know if they’re unable to source any interest at all. You can try again later if this is the case and will be prompted to do so after an appropriate amount of time. If you receive no offers but are still desperate to sell the player, there is an option to offer out an ultimatum to all Intermediaries instead of selecting just one. This ultimatum serves as a first come first served system where all Intermediaries will try to source a bid for your player, and the first offer is the only offer. However, this does mean that you will be unable to select a specific Intermediary and will be unaware of the associated percentage fee up front. If after a month you have still received no offers for your player, the ultimatum will end. Should you cancel or reject a move sourced by an Intermediary, both that Intermediary and the associated club will be unlikely to make further offers for this player for a short period, so you’ll need to think carefully. Intermediaries can also work for other clubs, meaning that they will come to you directly if someone else is looking to offload a player. In these instances, you’ll receive a Scout Report that includes Agent Feedback outlining a few expected financial details were you to pursue this deal. Offer out players via TransferRoom As initially revealed in our most recent Development Update, FM24 will see the first inclusion of our new partner TransferRoom. In FM24, the digital service replaces the previous “offer to clubs” option in game as a simple way to reach out to other clubs with players that you want to sell. This is not an instant option, as the clubs won’t all be online looking at the system every minute of every day, but your staff will collate the offers together for you and inform you of any interest in good time. Clubs are more likely to be using it at different points in the season and transfer window, so responses may come in more quickly at some times than others. Something to note is that using the Intermediary ultimatum functionality outlined above doesn’t preclude you from offering a player out via TransferRoom. This is just the start of TransferRoom’s integration into Football Manager, with much more to come in the future. Bringing your transfer tools together Upgrading the existing Agents functionality and introducing Intermediaries has led us to make a few changes to the Transfer Status screen. Clubs considering a move for one of your players will now be classed as having Active Interest or Rumoured Interest rather than Major or Minor. You’ll also now see a contextual reason for a club’s interest – so, for example, if you player was not a club’s first-choice target in a given position, that would qualify as Rumoured Interest. Agent Feedback is still included on this screen in the top right. If you’ve not already spoken to the player’s agent about a potential sale, there will be a ‘Discuss Generating Market Interest’ button available. Alternative options allow you to ‘Hire an Intermediary’ or ‘Offer via TransferRoom’. Should those options have been exhausted without success due to the player not wanting to leave, the button will instead read ‘Persuade to Leave’. In the bottom right you’ll see tabs indicating the player’s Transfer and Loan Status that allow you to provide instructions to your Director of Football. If you click on the Director of Football Instructions header, you’ll be taken to either the Unwanted List or Development List depending on whether you’re viewing the Transfer or Loan tab respectively. The panel in the top right adapts with sale and transfer options depending on whether you’re viewing the profile of a player you’ve loaned out, someone you’ve loaned in or an opposition player. You’ll notice too that these screens look a little different for MLS players, as they now have more contextual information like the club they’re contracted to, which club holds their rights and who initially signed them to the league. Empowering you to shape your squad your way The introduction of Intermediaries and enhanced functionality for pre-existing Agents elevate the experience of selling players in FM24, giving you more real-world powered tools than ever to work on your next rebuild project. Head over to our Features Roadmap to discover the wider new additions and improvements that we’ve made for FM24, the most complete edition in the series yet.
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  7. Liga 2 este aproape gata, lipseste echipamentul din deplasare pentru Csikszerada pentru ca nu stiu care e cel oficial, si ecipamentul celor de la Corvinul este inca incomplet, pentru ca nu i-am vazut jucand cu noul sponsor. Orice informatie este bine venita.
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  9. Am inceput liga 2, liga 1 deja exista, si se poate gasi AICI.
  10. Prin 2 star voiam sa zic potential mare Trebuie creati și Sebastian Dan(AMC),2006 si Alexandru Glodean(GK), 21.04.2008
  11. E construit pe scheletul versiunii RomaniaHex - dar cu 18 niveluri. Special pentru cei ce vor sa petreaca decenii in ligile inferioare, sa-si construiasca clubul in subsolul fotbalului si sa creasca tineri ce vor ajunge pensionari in momentul promovarii in prima liga. Noutati (altele decat in versiunea originala): - 18 niveluri competitionale, denumite dupa marci de bere - 6 cupe suplimentare, denumite dupa celebre podgorii romanesti Iar daca vreti cu adevarat experienta totala, jucati cu FC Bacau in Liga XVIII Noroc. E un club condus de fani, cu o conducere aleasa tot de ei, cu un stadion micut dar cu potential masiv de modernizare - si niste facilitati cu care puteti incepe sa cuceriti Everestul fotbalistic in urmatorul deceniu: promovarea in Liga a.... 12-a. Romania - 18 levels.zip
  12. Seria 1 CSM Faslui are un logo pe care nu il inteleg, stefan cel mare pe cal si inca ceva, si imi este greu de replicat. Orice informatie e bine venita. Rapid brodoc, Viitorul Darabani nu gasesc echipamentele din deplasare... orice informatie e bine venita.
  13. FM24: Approaching our launch in a brand new way As well as talking about the themes of our forthcoming feature announcements, we confirmed on September 12th that on Monday, 6th November, we will be releasing FM24 across all the platforms below: FM24 (Steam/Epic/Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass for PC) – from 4pm GMT Football Manager 2024 Console (Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Game Pass) – from 4pm GMT Football Manager 2024 Touch (Nintendo eShop) – from 4pm GMT Football Manager 2024 Mobile (iOS/Android via Netflix) – more on that later In addition to the above, there will be further FM24 Touch platform information released in the next few weeks. So, why are we launching on a Monday, rather than the more game industry standard of Tuesday or Friday? Typically, the advertised release date for FM games has been a Tuesday and, in some years, we have released at midnight in the UK. Having done this a few times has led to people expecting it - and filling our social feeds with questions about when the game was going to be available - frustrating for you, and frustrating for us. So, this year we're trying something different, and are being clear with both the date and time of release. As things stand, it’s looking possible for all formats to come out at this time globally – if that changes, we’ll let you know via our social channels. As has been the case for a few years, we will be releasing an Early Access version of the PC/Mac game to those who pre-purchase from participating digital retailers. This period will start roughly two weeks before the final game is released. While we can announce FM24’s release date, I can’t confirm a date or time for the Early Access period in advance as we’ll literally roll it out when we believe it to be ready. So, your patience will be required on that front please! Between now and November 6th we’ve got a lot to talk about – and there are some things I get to share today (such as the time of release mentioned above!) Save Game Compatibility: Continuing your journeys to glory Back in June, I was delighted to let you all know that FM24 would include one of the most requested features over the last 20 years - the ability to transfer saved games from one edition of FM to the next. Now, I can go into more detail as to how it will work and confirm the platforms that it will be possible on. Anyone who is not ready to step away from their existing save in Football Manager 2023 (PC/Mac), Football Manager 2023 Console (Xbox/PS5) or Football Manager 2023 Touch (Nintendo Switch™), will be able to continue that career into FM24, FM24 Console or FM24 Touch and benefit from this year’s new additions in the process. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible for FM24 Mobile, although it’s something our team are exploring for the future. When you load FM24, FM24 Console or FM24 Touch for the first time, you’ll see a panel directly above ‘Start a New Game’ that reads ‘Load FM23 Saved Games’. This panel contains details about how transferring saves works and allows you to begin the process of bringing a game forward from FM23. All of the relevant new features in FM24, FM24 Console or FM24 Touch will be present in any saves you bring over. In some cases that will result in certain items or tutorials triggering immediately after you convert your save, while you’ll need to set some other things up from scratch. The panel I mentioned won’t appear again on subsequent launches but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to load FM23 games into FM24. To do this, go into the Load Game menu and follow the instructions explaining where you’ll find old saves and how to bring them across. Note that there are a couple of things not possible with transferred save games unfortunately. The first is FM24 achievements (trophies on PS5), which you’ll need to start a new career to accomplish. You also won’t be able to watch replays of matches played in FM23, as these aren’t carried across when converting. Looking beyond the addition of Save Game Compatibility, there will be a series of blogs, screenshots and videos to explain more about the features we’ve referenced in our announce trailer. There’ll be different forms of announcements for different platforms, catering to both those who just want snippets of info through to those who want much more detail. Then, during the early part of October, I’ll be writing a few blogs for FMFC where I’ll go into detail on a bunch more new features that weren’t mentioned in the video - much like I used to on the FM podcast and on Twitter with feature roulette and five-a-day. So, strap yourself in as there’s going to be a lot of information coming your way - I really hope you like what you read, hear, and see. Exciting new partnerships Some of the new features that we will be talking about have only been made possible through collaboration with some excellent new partners. Today I get to introduce you to one of them and how we’re going to be working together for FM24 and beyond - the first of which aligns us even closer to the professional game. TransferRoom: Bringing transfers into the digital age For the last 30 years our games have had a transfer option of “offering players to clubs”, where a fictional fax is sent to all appropriate clubs in your game world encouraging them to bid (or not) accordingly. Now, I can hear the cries of “What’s a fax?” from a small proportion of you reading this. A fax is a way to send a document down a telephone line, with the document then printed via a fax machine at the other end. Up until very recently, faxes were how all transfer dealings were done and registered. However, as faxes are no longer legally required by telephone companies and we’ve got a little thing called the internet now, the football industry has made it to the 21st century with transfers now being registered via online systems. The data revolution that the internet has brought to football is something we’ve mimicked in Football Manager. It has also led to a number of other online services developing in the last decade. TransferRoom, the brainchild of Founder and CEO Jonas Ankersen, is one of those services. TransferRoom is an online system where clubs can advertise players that are available to buy and indicate positions and roles that they are interested in purchasing. They also have “speed-dating” style events where clubs can meet each other and discuss potential targets and deals. Or, in Jonas’ words, TransferRoom are breaking down barriers in the transfer market, with a mission to empower football clubs, agents and players to be successful in their transfer business by giving them real-time market intelligence and direct access to a global network of decision-makers. The marketplace is thus adding transparency that had been clearly lacking. TransferRoom has helped to enable more than 3,000 deals since its inception. One example is Sporting CP’s recent signing of Viktor Gyökeres for €20m, which came after they declared interest in the player to Coventry City’s decision-makers on the platform. We are very proud to be the first games company that TransferRoom are working with, and we look forward to developing in-game features with them over a number of versions of FM. In FM24, TransferRoom’s inclusion will be fairly small – you’ll learn more about that in the Introducing Intermediaries and Offloading Players feature blog that is scheduled for release during the week commencing September 18th. Netflix: Securing the future of Football Manager Mobile Something that people will have noticed from our FM24 announcements is that FM24 Mobile will be released exclusively for Netflix members. We know that some of you are disappointed with this news, whereas others who already have Netflix accounts will be saving money by getting the game included with their membership. Whichever side you’re on, I wanted a chance to explain our reasoning. While FM is being both bought and enjoyed by more people than ever before on the majority of other platforms (as you can see above) our Football Manager Mobile sales have been slowly declining over the last few years. We had found ourselves at a point where we were not reaching our necessary targets, which leads to difficult decisions – something we are very used to in the business of making games. So, as we have done historically with some of our other Football Manager titles, we left no stone unturned in looking for ways to secure Football Manager Mobile’s future so that all of you could continue to play the game that you love. One of those stones was talking to Netflix about their games service which is available now for all people accessing Netflix via compatible iOS and Android phones. Their excitement about both the service and Football Manager convinced us that this was the way forward for the game – not just to serve you, our existing audience, but also the potential to reach a much larger audience as we’ve been able to do with other subscription services. We are incredibly excited to be working with Netflix – as we are with all of our partners. If you would have told me or the Collyer brothers all those years ago that our titles would be included in the services of some of the biggest companies in the world, we wouldn’t have believed it. We are honoured that Netflix have chosen one of our games to be in their service and that we’re going to be their first sports game and look forward to its release at 5pm GMT on November 6th. For those of you who are disappointed, we ask you to try to appreciate the dilemma we faced and, maybe in time, you’ll understand and even support the decision. Our continued commitment to eco-friendly packaging As a studio, we’ve had a long-held ambition to lower our CO2 emissions and we’re very proud that Football Manager is the first game to have fully recycled and recyclable packaging. Indeed, our changes to date mean that the packaging for FM24 (PC/Mac) has 73% less of a CO2EQ use per pack than FM18. But, in some territories, the demand is there for us to do boxed copies of FM24 Console, and we don’t have the same possibilities packaging-wise for console games as we do with PC. Also, some retailers have asked us to do some pre-order incentives this year which you will hear about from them very soon. So, to be able to do these boxed console copies and pre-order incentives, we’ve agreed that we will offset all of our packaging emissions. This is not just for the copies or the incentives but also for all of the remaining emissions for our PC packaging too. That’s it for this blog – if you’ve got this far, thank you for reading. I'm really looking forward to you finding out more about Football Manager 2024's upgrades, so be sure to tune into FM socials next week.
  14. Salutare, Este cineva interesat sa creeze kiturile (pe lângă mine), echipelor din L3 Romania, folosind mostrele de la FC'12 ? https://sortitoutsi.net/content/53758/template-area Eu m-am apucat de ele, am inceput cu seria 1 👍🏻
  15. The relentless pursuit of progress defines Football Manager 2024, which debuts globally across platforms from November 6th. Driven by a constantly evolving quest to deliver complete football authenticity, FM24 is the most complete edition in the series yet, filled with new additions that deepen your immersion and elevate your gameplay experience. FM24 Console, FM24 Touch and FM24 Mobile are also warming up for the new campaign, with all three set to launch from November 6th. NEW ADDITIONS TO THE FM LINE-UP FM24 heralds a significant milestone for the series and the wider SEGA family as it marks our official debut in Japan and the first time Japanese language will be officially supported in our games. Also joining the squad this season are Netflix, the exclusive home for FM24 Mobile. More information on FM24 Mobile and what the move to Netflix means for you is available in our dedicated announcement. FM24 Console will also be available through Xbox, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC from November 6th. Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers will also be able to enjoy the full immersion of the desktop classic. Elsewhere, after a debut to remember earlier this year, Football Manager 2024 Console will be returning to PlayStation 5 for a second season. FM24 Touch is also returning to Nintendo Switch™ for another campaign, with further platform information to follow in the coming weeks. NEW FEATURES AND GAMEPLAY UPGRADES Initially revealed in June’s Development Update blog, the brand-new ability to transfer careers* from Football Manager 2023, FM23 Console and FM23 Touch is just one of this year’s headline developments. Further additions, including a refresh of Set Pieces and smarter transfers and finances, are heavily influenced by the ever-evolving world of football and driven by expert insight from new and existing partnerships within the professional game. In a first for the studio, FM24’s announcement trailer ends with a roadmap outlining our key feature drops and reveal dates across all platforms. Gameplay upgrades for the PC/Mac title will follow throughout the remainder of September. New features for FM24 Console and FM24 Mobile will drop during the week commencing October 23rd, with FM24 Touch’s new additions getting the spotlight at the start of November. Make sure to follow Football Manager on social media to see those drops as soon as they’re released. Sign up to FMFC, our dedicated members club, to get exclusive access to additional feature blogs. PRE-PURCHASE AND EARLY ACCESS Between September 12th and November 6th, fans who pre-purchase FM24 (for PC and Mac) and FM24 Console (Xbox and PlayStation 5**), from a SEGA-approved digital retailer will receive a 10% discount. Those pre-purchasing on PC and Mac can kick-off their managerial career ahead of schedule with Early Access to FM24***. Early Access will be available via Steam and the Epic Games Store circa two weeks prior to the official street date, and single-player careers started in that period can be carried across when the game updates for launch on November 6th. *The ability to transfer save games to FM24 Mobile is not possible at this time. **On PlayStation, this discount is only available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. ***Early Access is available from SEGA-approved digital retailers only. Please check to see if the store you’re purchasing from is participating in the offer. The Early Access version may go live at different times on different platforms.
  16. Football Manager 2024 Mobile will launch exclusively for Netflix members from November 6th. Now, through Netflix’s global reach and membership base, more players than ever before can fast-track their way to footballing glory and benefit from the addition of four new languages to the game. If you’re an existing player with a Netflix membership, you'll be able to find and install FM24 Mobile through the Netflix mobile app when the game launches in November. It will appear in a dedicated Games row on Apple phones and a separate Games tab on Android devices*. Players can still find FM24 Mobile on the App Store and Google Play, but you’ll need a Netflix account to login and begin your next journey to footballing greatness. If you’re not logged in to Netflix on your device, you will receive a sign-in prompt upon reaching the game’s loading screen. At this point you’ll either need to enter your Netflix account details or sign up for a new membership. Whether you’re at home on the sofa, on the work commute or travelling to a football away day, FM24 Mobile delivers a fast-paced thrill in every career. As detailed in our announcement trailer, FM24 Mobile’s new features and functionality will be revealed during the week commencing October 23rd.
  17. Salut, pentru folderul de Editor Data trebuie sa am si DLC-ul?
  18. @andreixp3 Dă holiday 1 zi și după n-ai treabă. Problema cred că e de la activator, dar nu ai ce face.
  19. nu mai are nimeni aceasta problema? nu ma mai pot juca deoarece nu pot avansa...
  20. salut, sunt in liga a 3-a cu scm ramnicu valcea am promovat din liga a 4-a iar acum cand a inceput liga a 3-a imi cere sa selectez 15 jucatori care sa fie mereu la prima echipa asa cum cere la orice cariera in orice tara, insa problema este ca eu nu am niciun buton de register players, iar cand apas sa raspund acolo la solicitare ma da pe tab-ul de squad si atat, mentionez ca la celalalte cariere nu am avut aceasta problema, ma poate ajuta cineva va rog frumos?
  21. Salut, eu am jocul cracked si as avea o intrebare; exista vreo posibilitate sa am transferurile din iarna, din Liga 1 macar?
  22. Downloadeaza fisierul, copiaza-l in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/Editor Data
  23. Ma poate ajuta cineva cu instalarea acestui mod?
  24. Mersi mult, @Breakdown! Am gasit un topic pe forumul SI Games despre bug-ul asta, dar ultimul raspuns de la staff e din 17 mai si e ca o sa continue sa investigheze problema :)) Sper sa fie rezolvata pentru FM24. In legatura cu sursa problemei, ai dreptate, e de la sistemul de promovare/retrogradare - am dat reload la ultimul overwrite al save-ului (care din pacate e dupa terminarea sezonului) si Mioveni are programat meciul de retrogradare pe 17 mai, in timp ce Zalau il are pe 26 mai. Pe langa asta, data save-ului e 12 iunie, deci meciurile sunt programate in trecut cu adversari 'Unknown'. Un raspuns din topicul de pe SI Games sugereaza ca daca dai reload in luna mai, exista sansa ca meciurile de promovare/retrogradare sa fie programate corect. Din pacate ultimul meu autosave e din decembrie, deci nu pot sa confirm daca solutia asta functioneaza si deocamdata nu prea am chef sa rejoc 7 luni de joc.
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