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FMRTE - FM Scouting Tool


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  • MentholBoy


Have you tried FMRTE yet? It's the best scouting tool and real time editor available for FM24. As a scouting tool it boasts a powerful search filter that lets you search for much more than the default in game search allows. Whether you want to search hidden attributes or a players likes and dislikes (maybe you want to find out which players like or hate you or your club?) FMRTE will help you analyse your squad and unearth wonderkids and bargains throughout your save.

It also doubles up as an In Game Editor. More feature rich than the official in game editor, it lets you mass edit multiple players, edit clubs, edit competitions, modify transfers, add or remove injuries, freeze a player forever and so much more.


Download FMRTE:  https://www.fmrte.com/files/file/63-fmrte-24-for-windows/

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