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Football Manager 2019 Major Update 19.2.0 Out Now!

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We're delighted to be able to say we've just released this and the update can be downloaded automatically via Steam now. As always it's save game compatible, so you can continue your current save without issues. However any fixes related to competitions rules or schedules may require you to start a new game.

As always just launch Steam and the update should begin automatically. If you're already playing FM19, we'd suggest saving the game and exiting. Once you've done so it should automatically update but if it doesn't we'd recommend restarting Steam.

The changelist contains a number of fixes and tweaks included in this version. Please remember that this changelist contains but is not limited to those listed below.

We very much hope you're enjoying the game and continue to do so over the forthcoming holiday period. We'd also like to take this opportunity to state how much we appreciate how active our community has been in helping us make Football Manager 2019 the best in the series to date.  Thanks from all of us here at Sports Interactive.

Changelist 19.2.0

- Further stability/crash fixes
- Fixes for freezes occasionally occurring during network games
- Number of general AI transfer tweaks
- Changes to situations when player would demand new contract
- Fix for incorrect future transfer date appearing
- Further balancing work on happiness conversations
- Training happiness tweaks
- Number of general training fixes
- Fixed being unable to attend matches via team’s schedule panel
- Fixed issues with Continue Game Timeout not being responsive enough.
- Number of general UI fixes
- Carabao Cup winner not qualifying for Europe if previous Euro Cup winner was English & outside top 4
- Players spawned in Belgium should have the correct Belgian Homegrown status 
- Premier Division and Championship now have Goal Line Technology in all matches
- Number of fixes related to Romanian league
- Number of competition and rule groups fixes
- National U19 team selection criteria fixes
- Fixes for media items appearing erroneously in certain situations
- Fixed match sharpness increasing too quickly during matches
- Fixes for commentary only replays and commentary
- Tweaks to referee’s decision making 
- Tweaks to player reaction times
- Improvements to set piece defending
- Lowering cross-field clearances from dangerous positions
- Toned down too many players chasing the ball with Counter-Press
- Changes to heading logic and accuracy
- Improvements to dribbling, shooting crossing and players joining attack calculations 
- Further general AI improvements
- AI tactical improvements 
- General instructional changes

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10 minutes ago, Axyon gaming 007 said:

Când apare un update nou?

La sfarsitul lui februarie apare update-ul cu transferurile din iarna.

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