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Nu vreau sa traduc in romana "Tips and hints FM 2012" pentru ca doresc mai intai sa aflu daca ar fi o idee buna.Cuvintele colorate ar putea fi corelate ulterior cu alte posturi din forum.


- Player with low morale level is not really efficient. Therefore you can put him into Reserves where he will be able to raise morale back after few matches.

- If you drop player from main squad, talk with him about this explaining that you are going to give a rest.

- Your relationship with a player can be improved by means of asking him to recommend someone to a team.

-Setting high competition bonuses before the season will motivate your players.

- Pay special attention to player condition and match fitness. Both attributes should be 100% ideally. If condition is near 100% but match fitness is below 90%, set your player available for Reserves.

-Don’t change player squad status often. It may upset him.

-Try to use player private interaction and team meetings to raise morale level of the players. For instance, chat with a player complaining his last match performance was bad if his match average rating is below 6.8.

-Normally foreign players need some time to settle in new country and blend into your team.

-Use customizable views to compare performance of players. There are many helpful attributes you can take a look: Tackles Ratio, Headers Ratio, Passes Ratio, etc.

-To understand what PPMs(Player Preferred Moves) suite for that or another position in your formation visit Xulescu Topic (exemplu:Does not dive into tackles Does not goes into sliding tackles regardless of instructions. - For defensive players with poor Tackling, Anticipation, Decisions. Ex: Maroune Fellaini si aici mai trebuie un topic)


- Reach fully filled tactic familiarity levels in match preparation. Start every new season with Very High match preparation workload until all the levels become fluid.

-Use Push Higher Up touchline shout when opponents forwards are slow (Pace and Acceleration < 13). Vicee versa use Drop Deeper in case of fast forwards.

-OK, you are winning a game in 1 goal and want to hold a score. It’s good to use combination of Contain strategy and Retain possession + Play Narrower + Pass into feet touchline shouts to do it.

-Use hard tackling in opposition instructions if referee is not strict. His strictness can be checked by my formula:

(yellow cards / judged matches) < 3

-Playing against stronger teams using Counter Attack strategy can be often efficient.

-More tactical tips can be found in Xulescu (topic nou)


-Use Offer to clubs if you want to sell your player quickly. Though there won’t be an opportunity to bargain in price in this case.

-Offering too many players in short time period can decrease morale levels of other players.

-Status ‘Not needed by the club’ increases probability of player sale.

-Praise another managers via media interaction. It may improve relationship with them and easy transfer bid acceptance level.

-You can decrease financial expectations of a player during contract talks increasing his agent’s signing fee.

-All newcomers need time to blend into the team. Don’t expect them to do their best during the first season’s half.


-Morale level matters during trainings. Try to keep it as high as possible!

-Too intensive trainings can cause many injuries. Just be careful.

-Use Xulescu (topic nou) guide to find the best staff for your team.

-Some good tranings can be found here: FM 12 Tactic and Trainings (topic nou sau cel care exista)

-Awesome detailed training guide is created by Xulescu (topic nou)


-Add all players you like to your shortlist.

-Let’s suppose you hesitate about buying already scouted player. Scout him once more using another scout.

-I try to use scouts of different nationalities who has expertise in their countries. It allows to perform more efficient scouting.

- Feeder clubs share their scouting network to parent clubs automatically .

Helpful player lists:

- Wonderkids (lista)

- Best cheap players (lista)

- Free players (lista)

Some additional player tips:

- the Best, Good and Bad player personality traits (topic nou)

- Factors of Player Performance in FM 2012 (topic nou)

- How to get rid of unneded players (topic nou)

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