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Football Manager 2024 Final Data Update Out Now


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  • MentholBoy

The Final Data Update for Football Manager 2024 is now available across all platforms*.

Including recent transfer activity in the USA and China, as well as significant non-transfer events, this Update includes more than 400,000 database changes as well as minor gameplay fixes.

Football Manager 2024 Final Data Update Out Now

All gameplay adjustments will be effective immediately in existing careers, although new save games are required for you to play with the latest player and team data. 

Changes to FM24 (PC/Mac) in the 24.4 update include (but are not limited to): 

  • Crash fixes and general optimisation 
  • Save game compatibility optimisation 
  • Points deductions updated/applied for applicable English, Scottish and Welsh clubs**
  • Fixed issue where user managers who are over 70 years old and unemployed can’t get a managerial role 
  • Fixed homegrown status not displaying for players that play in certain non-European nations and clubs
  • [Turkey] Removed 'the match squad cannot have any players aged over 33' rule in the Turkish Cup 
  • [Pre-Game Editor] Fixed issue regarding the importing of fixture files

A full PC/Mac changelist is available on our community forums. On there you will also find full changelists for FM24 Mobile, FM24 Console and FM24 Touch

Additionally, rosters for certain licensed leagues whose seasons run to the calendar year will only be reflective up until the end of the 2023 season and so will not include incoming and outgoing transfers made for 2024.

Most updates of this nature download automatically. If yours doesn’t, please consult our dedicated FAQs page.

*The update may go live at different times on different platforms. 

**These changes are accurate as of our internal March deadline for this Update. Due to the nature of the submission processes for this Update, we are unable to include any subsequent points deductions imposed in early April.

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