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Football Manager 2020 20.3.0 January Transfer Update Out Now!

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We’re very happy to announce that Update 20.3.0, containing an updated database including all the January transfers has now been released for Football Manager 2020* on Steam**. Our thousands of researchers around the globe have been scouting and tracking players over the last few months to make sure the most accurate and true to life data is now available.

Alongside this are a number of other changes and improvements in a variety of areas with the aim of making the overall experience of Football Manager 2020 the best it’s ever been. A changelist noting just some of these can be found below.

As always, the update will download automatically. If you find for whatever reason the game doesn’t update, we’d suggest restarting Steam. If you’re unsure whether the game has updated, you can see the version number on the main menu of the game in the bottom-left hand corner.

We’re also pleased to announce that this is the first of two database updates you can expect over the coming weeks. As the February window for some other major nations such as China and Russia has yet to close, we’ll be releasing a February Transfer Update once the data has been finalised.

To gain access to the new data and updated league rules you will be required to start a new game, however the majority of changes and fixes are save game compatible meaning you’re fine to continue any pre-existing save.

20.3.0 Update Changes including (but not limited to):
-      Number of Stability and Crash fixes
-      Improvements to game optimisation and increased performance both inside and outside of matches
-      Over 650,000 changes to database records
-      20,000 new players and non-players created
-      Numerous changes to league competitions and rules including China, Mexico, Greece, Chile, Peru and many more
-      Fixes for qualification rules regarding continental competitions and coefficient calculations
-      Improvements to newgen generation with more realistic number of Inside Forwards and Ball-Winning Midfielders
-      Newgens more tailored for specific positions with better logic for player development
-      Fix for Must Respond inbox item appearing incorrectly when staff member responsible for transfer
-      Fixes regarding loan functionality including responsibilities and loans being blocked incorrectly
-      Improvements to Club Vision and Expectation logic
-      Balancing changes to Board and Fan Confidence
-      Number of UI improvements
-      Various media, press conference and news fixes
-      Improvements to player behaviour and instructions when defending set-pieces
-      Various other improvements across the game

*The Update for Football Manager 2020 Touch on PC/Mac/iOS/Android and Switch will follow early next week
**The Update for Football Manager 2020 on Stadia has been submitted and will be live once is has received approval

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